SellTaxFree is Now Plenti Financial

Leading 1031 Exchange company SellTaxFree has rebranded as Plenti Financial, now with the fastest, most secure way to file a 1031 Exchange in the United States.

Real estate investors used the IRS 1031 Exchange form to save over $9B in taxes in 2019. Over 6% of all real estate transactions were filed with a 1031 Exchange. As this number continues to grow, David Greenberger, Esq., CEO of Plenti Financial, saw an opportunity to better serve investors with a streamlined system that transformed the 1031 Exchange process into a one-click interface that anyone could use.

Greenberger commented: “​​We have expanded our offerings to accommodate further the needs of clients looking for one streamlined exchange with a new brand and new services in addition to 1031 Exchange Accommodations.”

The evolution of Plenti Financial as a company marks a new era in real estate software. With 30+ years of experience as a qualified intermediary for over 10,000 1031 Exchanges, Greenberger has his sights set on bringing the benefits of the 1031 Exchange to as many investors as possible.

With the advent of Plenti’s new interface, thousands of other investment portals now have the opportunity to leverage the new 1031 Exchange platform in order to easily facilitate an exchange with the click of a button. 

Built to function both as a one-click solution for individual property owners and as an enterprise infrastructure for investment firms, agents, and brokers, Plenti’s new system and accelerating vision is set to democratize tax savings for the entire real estate investment community with the power of secure cloud technology.

If you are interested in starting a 1031 Exchange, schedule a consultation with one of our experts or submit an intake form through Plenti’s 1031 Exchange Portal.

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