Plenti Financial Releases New 1031 Online Exchange Portal

New online portal transforms 1031 Exchange filing into a single-click method to save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes on each property sale.

The new exchange portal, released this week by Plenti Financial, revolutionizes the way real estate investors can leverage the IRS 1031 Exchange Form to save over 35% in taxes on investment property sales.

Set to disrupt the investment community by democratizing tax savings, the portal serves both as a software solution for individual property owners as well as an enterprise digital solution for firms, brokers, managers, and agents.

1031 Exchanges have historically comprised a small percentage of real estate transactions. However, with a streamlined portal built in the most secure cloud technology available, Plenti has made it possible for any investor with any real estate to keep 100% of the profits from any real estate transaction. 

David Greenberger, Esq., CEO of Plenti Financial, commented: “Staying on top of all the steps and stages in your exchange is now streamlined and organized allowing you to focus on the purpose of an exchange- your reinvestment.”

By following the prompts within the platform, Plenti guides real estate investors through every step of filing a 1031 Exchange. Investors using Plenti’s platform will no longer worry about incorrect documents, inaccurate calculations, or missing key deadlines in the 1031 Exchange timeline. With Plenti’s portal, investors can rest assured that every details is automatically executed with perfect timeline precision for every single transaction.

If you are interested in starting a 1031 Exchange, schedule a consultation with one of our experts or submit an intake form through Plenti’s 1031 Exchange Portal.

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