Plenti Financial Now Offering Loan Services

Plenti’s new mortgage services enable investors to upgrade their property portfolio in one seamless service interface.

The IRS 1031 Exchange form offers real estate investors incredible opportunities to save over 35% of their profit by nullifying taxes on funds used to acquire a new investment property. 

After 30+ years overseeing 10,000+ 1031 Exchanges, David Greenberger, Esq., CEO of Plenti Financial, believes that investors are best served when they are able to leverage loans in coordination with a 1031 Exchange. 

Investors are faced with two options when filing a 1031 Exchange: (1) purchase a property of higher value than the sold property, requiring more capital investment from the owner, or (2) purchase a property of lower value than the sold property, decreasing their overall portfolio value and paying taxes on the difference.

With Plenti’s new mortgage option, investors filing a 1031 Exchange can seamlessly integrate Plenti’s loan services to cover the difference between a sold property and a newly acquired property without having to pay out of pocket. There are several significant implications of Plenti’s new mortgage service radically upsets the real estate investment marketplace.

Not only can investors get a loan through Plenti that synchronizes perfectly with the timeline of their 1031 Exchange, but they can also get pre-approved for multiple loan options mid-Exchange in order to expand their opportunities for upgrading their real estate portfolio. 

David Greenberger, Esq., CEO of Plenti Financial, commented: “Since lending for your investment is a critical part of your exchange, to acquire and borrow tax free funds from your investment, we are looking to offer specialized loans along with a suite of traditional financing under one roof to streamline and facilitate your exchanges.”

With Plenti facilitating the 1031 Exchange filing and mortgage approval process within their streamlined portal, real estate investors, brokers, agents, and investment firms can upgrade their real estate portfolio with no taxes and no money out of pocket within a single transaction and a simple, one-click user interface.

If you are interested in starting a 1031 Exchange, schedule a consultation with one of our experts or submit an intake form through Plenti’s 1031 Exchange Portal.

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