Plenti Financial Parters with Azibo to Create Benchmark 1031 Package

FinTech giants Plenti Financial and Azibo team up to create a powerhouse integration between 1031 Exchanges and investment property insurance.

As of March 2022, Plenti Financil and Azibo have affiliated to create a landmark package for property owners to handle the logistics of property transference, sale, and tax compliance. By using these two services together, clients of both Plenti Financial and Azibo now have the opportunity to deploy a full-service package that provides end-to-end coverage of the documentation, tax, legal, logistical, loan, and insurance needs of property owners.

Plenti Financial and Azibo have teamed up to create a market-disrupting integration between 1031 Exchanges and investment property insurance. Now, through Plenti Financial’s online portal, this new affiliation gives real estate investors the ability to upgrade their portfolio in a way that reduces liability and completely removes property sales tax.

While most commercial real estate insurance brokers are limited to profit-first service products, Azibo’s pairing with Plenti enables investors not only to save over 35% in taxes, but also to ensure that all exchanged properties sustain adequate coverage so that investments are not only profitable, but protected.

The recent Plenti-Azibo affiliation transforms the way real estate investors relate to their property portfolio. Traditionally, investors must either manage a disparate collection of financial professionals and service brokers. With Plenti Financial, investors are empowered to build and manage their entire personnel stack within the single user interface when acquiring a new property. 

David Greenberger, Esq., CEO of Plenti Financial, commented: “We are constantly looking to partner with firms that offer value to our investors, and ancillary services they need to conclude their exchange and manage their investments.”

While other marketplaces have profited from affiliations within the investment community, few have been able to offset the cost of their services at a premium of 35% of an investment portfolio in cash saved. The partnership between Plenti Financial and Azibo is a landmark partnership that signals in a new era of real estate investment partnerships that elevate the quality of property acquisition technology and enable investors to consolidate their decision timeline through service packages that save hundreds of hours of time, tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings, and much more in the value of services offset or rendered.

Visit the Azibo website to learn more about their product offerings. If you are interested in starting a 1031 Exchange, schedule a consultation with one of our experts or submit an intake form through Plenti’s 1031 Exchange Portal.

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