Second Homes / Vacation Homes

Vacation rental forest lodge countryside cabin by the lake for holidays in the wilderness. Woman entering her house home away from home.

Second Homes and Vacation Homes qualify as 1031 replacement property as long as you limit your personal usage to no more than two weeks per year, or 10% of the time the property is rented out each year (whichever is greater) during your first few years of ownership. With the advent of the short-term rental industry, companies like Airbnb, VRBO, and Vacasa can help Second Home / Vacation Home owners generate great returns from renting our their properties on a short-term basis (like hotel rooms). These companies can also help investors secure professional property management, so that your short-term rental property is completely hands-off. Last but not least, you can own a piece of property in your favorite vacation destination where you’ll personally be allowed to stay!

Bottom Line: You can buy a second home / vacation home in your favorite vacation destination, earn rental income from it from renting it out as a short-term or long-term rental, AND use it personally!

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