Planning Ahead for a 1031 Exchange

Use our 1031 Exchange Planning checklist to ensure that when you apply for a 1031 Exchange, your paperwork and assets are IRS compliant and optimized for exchange efficiency.

Let’s plan ahead

A 1031 exchange is an IRS process that allows you to save 30- 40% in taxes on the profits from the sale of your property. You must hire a 1031 Accommodator (that’s what we are) to make sure you are following the protocols correctly.

What can I buy?

We love an empowered and educated seller/investor. We’ve gathered a set of tools and resources to help do just that. Click any of the tabs below to learn more.

Rented, managed and appreciating single-home rental properties nationwide

Delaware Statutory Trust

Management-free AAA sponsored properties nationwide, diverse range of investments

Triple Net Lease

Secure income, Fortune 500 corporate tenant, managed by tenant

Cash Out Refinance

When you refinance your real estate you can take Tax-free Free Money out of the property


High appreciation rates, diversification investment

Find Your Own Property

Searching for a future vacation property or a home for retirement? Find your new place

Second Homes / Vacation Homes

Generate rental income from a vacation or second property and use personally each year

Improvement Exchange

Make improvements to your replacement property, satisfy your 1031 exchange 

Make a 1031 work for you

Based on your goals, there are various ways you can make a 1031 Exchange work for you. There are more to 1031 tax exchanges than simply just wealth building.

Of course, there is an opportunity to “make more money”, but it can also serve as an investment that serves as a safe and stable income stream that doesn’t require investment property management or is a property in a beautiful location that can be personally used from time to time.

These should all factor into your investment decision. Schedule a consultation call with an Apex 1031 Specialist to discuss your ideas. Take a closer look at some of your options.

Ready to get started?

We know that 1031 exchanges, real estate financing, and everything in between can be confusing, and a 10 minute phone call can help clear things up. So give us a call or schedule a consultation today, and we’ll be happy to talk through your specific needs.