Don't Pay Tax When You Sell Your Real Estate!

Exchange Your Real Estate for a Better Investment

Use the 1031 Exchange Tax Break, A Little Known IRS Rule, 
and Save 30-40% in Unnecessary Taxes. Plenti is a 1031 Accommodator, as required by the IRS, and provides step by step assistance

Exchange Your Real Estate
for a Better Investment

Use the 1031 Exchange Tax Break, A Little Known IRS Rule, and Save 30-40% in Unnecessary Taxes. Plenti is a 1031 Accommodator, as required by the IRS, and provides step by step assistance

Don't Pay Tax When
You Sell Your Real Estate!

Real Estate Tax Free
Investing Made Simple

The Plenti Exchange™

Step 1

Understand Your
Tax Problem

See how much Your Taxes Will be When You Sell. 

How much can you save?

Before you buy or sell...

Get a Tax Report to understand the taxes your sale will trigger.

Once you know, let Plenti walk you through your options to find a property that will qualify as a tax free purchase. Whether you wind up buying first, then selling or selling first and then buying…either way your sale will be tax free with an exchange.

See how big your problem is first, click below.

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Step 2

Find a Better

Which Property Type is Right For You? What Properties Qualify?
Plan Your Reinvestment

When you think you might want to exchange to save taxes.

Once you realize it’s better to reinvest and buy more real estate, than give up your profits when you sell, you’ll need to zero in on the type of property or properties to buy. You’ll be surprised how many you don’t know about!

… or maybe do some improvements with an improvement exchange.

First, check out the property types that qualify, then choose a few of interest to continue to find a specific property.

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Step 3

Model Your Exchange
Save the Most Money!

Don’t Make a Mistake.
Let the APP guide you easily through the exchange process.

Go ahead, try a plan with our 1031 APP Now!

Your answers will be saved so we can help you on a consultation when you’re ready.

Model your exchange with details like the new purchase price & loan amount (you can estimate.)

You can use 2 or more properties to see how it reduces your taxes. Save taxes, reinvest better, and buy more real estate!

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Personal Consultations

Attorney Trained Mentors for

Guidance and Support

Start Exchange Instantly

Get Exchange Agreement Docusigned in minutes and open a safe secure account with FULL FDIC insurance

I’ve been telling everyone I know about how great my first exchange experience was with you! I could not be more pleased at how everything was handled from the very beginning. Your support and professionalism are outstanding!
Gil S.
You saved my client over $14,000 in less than 1 hour! The prom1pt attention I received was unbelievable! There is no doubt your team knows exactly what you're doing!
Jim K.
I love working with your team! I always receive prompt attention & your staff accommodates all my needs. I've just opened my 10th exchange with you and wouldn't think of using anyone else. I would refer my friends and fellow investors to you, but they all already use you!
Judy G.
The first exchange company I used was nothing like you – they actually lost $20,000 for 3 days!!! They had it floating around somewhere and just had no idea where it went! With you, I never once doubted the security of my funds. Thank you for an absolutely stress-free exchange.
Tony D.
Thanks for the expert guidance you gave me, David. Your staff was great. Even giving you less than 24 hours notice to wire out my funds was no problem. There is no doubt that I will be opening my next exchange with you.
Gerald W.
Your creative solutions for my clients’ complex exchange transaction saved her from having to pay over $50,000 in capital gains taxes! Thank you for making a complicated situation simple.
Ben B.

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Plenti Financial™ is a trade name of 1031 Exchange Advantage®. 1031 Exchange Advantage™ is a trade name of 1031 EA, LLC and is not a licensed broker. 1031 EA, LLC is a division of Plenti Financial and is the accommodator for a 1031 Exchange as required by the IRS. 1031 EA, LLC does not provide, brokerage, legal or accounting services and is simply a Qualified Intermediary under the IRS code. It therefore is not providing any services other than accommodation services and clients and prospects are advised to confirm all tax, legal, accounting and real estate investment decisions with their professionals such as their accountant or attorney.

A 1031 exchange is a method of tax deferral upon the sale of investment real estate. However, the decision to pay or not pay accumulated and/or deferred taxes is up to the taxpayer, who has control over whether transactions are completed tax-deferred, or tax-free! If an exchanger should decide to continue exchanging into investment property of same or greater value for life, and never sell investment property without utilizing a 1031 exchange, no taxes would be due on any transactions, making them tax-free! Even in the event the taxpayer dies, the taxes die with him, again making the transactions tax-free! Because the choice is up to the taxpayer, we like to say taxes in an exchange are deferred, unless you choose to sell tax-free with Plenti Financial!

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