Land by the lake with Autumn view

As an investment raw land or “land banking” can be one of the highest appreciation rates in real estate but the investment usually is a long range hold. So if you have “patient” money that can wait this is a good choice to look into or diversify .

In California, changing laws and marketplaces due to government mandated production and required levels of solar energy production and cannabis production are creating a growing rapid marketplace that will require land.

Remember these points:Is the land accessible?
Are there services planned nearby?
Is there an exit strategy to sell or use the land in a reasonable time?

From an exchange point of view, keep in mind that you can improve the land so long as it is part of a long term investment plan.

​​​​​​​Make sure that you are willing to use”patient money”. Those funds that are invested for a long period of time and are unlikely to be needed or that an actionable exit strategy can be deployed.

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