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Plenti Financial is a complete solution for real estate investors and offers clear and accessible services so you can invest. We have several options ranging from mortgage, brokerage, 1031  exchange, and guaranteed tax saver loan services to help you find and purchase the perfect property.

Safe & secure

We have perfected our process for you, so it is secure and trustworthy compared to industry standards. We even have a patent-pending on it.


With 40+ years of experience, we’ve gained the tools and knowledge to make sure that your sales profits will be yours to keep.


Plenti Financial is a clear one-stop experience for all real estate investors’ wants and needs. We have an accommodation plan for everyone.

1031 Exchanges

Be a smart investor

Don’t lose 30-40% of your profit to taxes. Take advantage of a 1031 Exchange! An IRS process allowing you to save money in taxes on the profits from your sale. We love an empowered and educated seller/investor, and we’ve gathered a set of tools and resources to help you do just that.


Take cash out

As a real estate investor, you can avoid the high rates and high points of private loans, the lengthy approval processes, and the strict lending criteria with a debt service coverage ratio loan – which is a type of no-income loan. You can qualify for a loan based on your property’s cash flow, not your income!


Over the years, we have gained the tools and knowledge to make sure that your sales profits will be yours to keep, rather than losing them to taxes. The security protocols that we’ve put into place will ensure that your money will be safe in your exchange account. It’s simple and secure. 

Learn from 
the experts

We have over 40+ years of experience in this field and have built relationships with thousands of real estate agents and escrow officers all over the country. Our team has become the preferred provider for some of the largest and well known real estate brands in the world.

I’ve been telling everyone I know about how great my first exchange experience was with you! I could not be more pleased at how everything was handled from the very beginning. Your support and professionalism are outstanding!
Gil S.
You saved my client over $14,000 in less than 1 hour! The prom1pt attention I received was unbelievable! There is no doubt your team knows exactly what you're doing!
Jim K.
I love working with your team! I always receive prompt attention & your staff accommodates all my needs. I've just opened my 10th exchange with you and wouldn't think of using anyone else. I would refer my friends and fellow investors to you, but they all already use you!
Judy G.
The first exchange company I used was nothing like you – they actually lost $20,000 for 3 days!!! They had it floating around somewhere and just had no idea where it went! With you, I never once doubted the security of my funds. Thank you for an absolutely stress-free exchange.
Tony D.
Thanks for the expert guidance you gave me, David. Your staff was great. Even giving you less than 24 hours notice to wire out my funds was no problem. There is no doubt that I will be opening my next exchange with you.
Gerald W.
Your creative solutions for my clients’ complex exchange transaction saved her from having to pay over $50,000 in capital gains taxes! Thank you for making a complicated situation simple.
Ben B.