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Making those choices can be really simple, when you asked the right questions:

  • What’s your objective for this reinvestment(s)?
  • When do you want the funds back?
  • Are you planning for a major event – divorce, retirement, kids going to college?
  • Or do you just want more income/appreciation?

A Plenti Certified Exchange Specialist will help you focus on your needs and make the right choice.

Specialized 1031 Investments

Did you know there are investments that satisfy 1031 rules that do not require any management on your part? They are very safe investments for dependable income and appreciation without the risk of smaller tenants and the headaches of toilets and trash maintenance. Investing in these* can be as simple as investing in a stock or bond and collecting interest or dividends.

There are some that have long-term leases in place with Fortune 500 companies as the tenants. These are good for people that need to rely on a dependable steady income with little risk.

Over the years, Plenti has helped investors exchange into real estate that better served their needs at each stage. So we have experience on how to help you think about the major choices you are facing. Our attorney-trained mentors have access to the right investments and professionals to do the legwork you need to make it all make sense.

And if you buy an investment through a Plenti professional you can bundle the services and reduce your fees by a lot.

*Delaware Statutory Trust, Triple Net Lease, Managed SFR Turnkey Rentals, VRBO, Airbnb, Land, etc.

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