How to Apply for a Real Estate Investment Loan

Follow these steps to secure a loan for your next real estate venture, which is made only more possible, easy, and profitable when coupled with a 1031 exchange.

The better investors understand the process of applying for a commercial real estate loan, the better equipped they are to negotiate for better terms, identify better exchange opportunities, and maximize the profitability of their portfolio. There are several steps required to maximize the opportunity a loan affords investors. Here, we will discuss the three critical steps investors should take when applying for a real estate loan to expand their investment holdings:

  • Assemble the necessary documentation.
  • Review your options with a mortgage broker.

Assemble Necessary Documentation

Use our loan document checklist to ensure that you have assembled all necessary information for the loan pre-approval process.

Review Your Options with a Mortgage Broker

The best way to finance a 1031 Exchange is to use a loan that was built for the exchange itself. There are very few mortgage brokers who know how to find this information. However, Plenti Financial offers property owners financing options that are build for an exchange. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to talk through your exchange financing options.


Follow these steps in order to best position yourself to negotiate for better loan terms, maximize the value of your exchange, and ultimately transition into a more profitable real estate portfolio. Schedule a consultation with our loans specialist to discover what options work best for your portfolio.

Ready to get started?

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