What Can I Buy?

Please review your replacement property options by watching the video below, or reading about the various properties available below!

Also, feel free to check out our Options & Ideas page to explore some of the different ways to think about your 1031 Exchange reinvestment.

Couple with real-estate agent

Turn-Key Single Family

Rented, managed and performing single-family rentals nationwide.

Delaware Statutory Trust

No management, diversification, AAA sponsored properties nationwide.

Triple Net Lease

Steady income, Fortune 500 corporate tenant, Managed by corporate tenant.

Cash Out

No tax AND money in your pocket – Up to 87% of equity invested.


Higher Returns, diversification out of real estate assets.

Find Your Own Property

Want a home for retirement? Looking for a future vacation property?

Second Homes / Vacation Homes

Generate rental income from a second / vacation home you can use personally.

Improvement Exchange

Make improvements to your replacement property to satisfy your 1031 exchange.